Forbest Portable Sewer Pipe Camera w/ 512Hz Transmitter – FB-PIC3188SDT


Durable, flexible, and easy to operate, the Forbest Inspection Camera, FB-PIC3188SD can be used to inspect 2-4” drains with ease. Navigate and turn easily through pipelines up to 130FT. The fiber optic cable is encased in 5.2mm hard plastic. The 1″ C23 waterproof camera head featuring a sapphire glass lens with multiple LED lights and interchangeable skids, is pictured on a crystal clear 7″ LCD screen. Inspect through wastewater systems, stormwater, pipelines, drains, ducts, etc.

• 1” Waterproof Color Camera Head w/LED Lights, Comes with Interchangeable skids for traversing through different pipes
• 1/4″” (5.2mm) 65/100/130FT Fiberglass Cable & Reel
• 7” Color LCD Control Station with USB and SD Card Recording
• Camera Vision Angle: 120 degrees
• Heavy Duty Waterproof Case
• Anti Glare Screen Visor
• Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Lasting 4 hours

“14x14x10, 10,11,12lbs”

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Clear 7” LCD Monitor with Dual USB & SD Card Recording
Anti Glare Screen Visor
Microphone for Voice Over Recording
1/2" (12mm) C12B Detachable Waterproof Color Camera Head with Built-in LED Lights
4.8mm of 65FT/100FT Fiberglass Cable & Reel
Heavy Duty Waterproof Case
Rechargeable 4400mA Li-ion Battery Lasting 4 Hours
Included Power/Battery Adapter and Skids for Easy Traversing Through Pipelines
One Year Limited Mfg. Warranty

Mini - FB-4.8mm Cable

23x21x11, 27 lbs

Additional information

Cable Length

65F, 100F, 130F


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