FB-PIC3288TA-200 – Long Range 3288TA Sewer Camera with 200ft


Description Goes HereThe FB-PIC3288TA-200 from Forbest Products Co. Offers a sophisticated inspection system to ensure accuracy in sewer/pipeline diagnostics. The upgraded 1/1-2” C40 camera head is capable of traversing 4–10” pipes, and comes equipped with a self leveling system and 512Hz Sonde transmitter built into the detachable spring kit. Each unit comes with multiple spring kits varying in flexibility to ensure versatility when inspecting various sewer pipes. The durable, yet flexible 9.mm, 200ft cable is equipped with a meter counter which is displayed on the Luxury 10” screen. The 9mm cable is specifically engineeered to offer more strength when pushing the camera head down long range sewer pipes. The cable/reel sits on two hard plastic wheels for increased maneuverabilty on the job site. Each unit comes with a redisigned skid, allowing the C40 camera head to traverse through different environments and pipe sizes. The control station offers dual recording and voice over playback, as well as a multifunctional keyboard for typing and editing, all protected by the heavy duty, compact waterproof case.


Clear 10” LCD Monitor with Dual USB & SD Card Recording
Anti Glare Screen Visor
Microphone for Voice Over Recording
1.5”(40 mm) C40 Self-Leveling Detachable Waterproof Color Camera Head with Built-in LED Lights
Detachable Spring Kits, XSoft, Soft, Hard
Built-In 512 Hz Sonde Transmitter (Pairs with 512Hz Locator)
3/8" (9mm) of 200 Ft. Fiberglass Cable & Reel with Meter Counter
Heavy Duty Waterproof Case, Portable Design to Hold Cable and Reel
Rechargeable 6600mA Li-ion Battery Lasting 4 Hours
Included Power/Battery Adapter and Interchangeable Skids for Easy Traversing Through Pipelines
One Year Limited Mfg. Warranty

23x21x11, 27 lbs
35x33x17 53 lbs


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