FB-PIC388MT-200 – Long Range 3388MT Sewer Camera with 200ft


The 33388MT features 200 Ft of durable 8mm push cable. Includes a meter counter and 40mm C40 Self-Leveling Camera Head, providing a clear image and additional information in your inspection.

23x21x11, 27 lbs
25x23x13 32 lbs (cable)


Clear 10” LCD Monitor with Dual USB & SD Card Recording
Anti Glare Screen Visor
Microphone for Voice Over Recording
1.5”(40 mm) C40 Self-Leveling Detachable Waterproof Color Camera Head with Built-in LED Lights
Detachable Spring Kits, XSoft, Soft, Hard
Built-In 512 Hz Sonde Transmitter (Pairs with 512Hz Locator)
5/16” (8mm) of 200 Ft. Fiberglass Cable & Reel with Meter Counter
Heavy Duty Waterproof Case, Portable Design to Hold Smaller Cable Variations
Rechargeable 6600mA Li-ion Battery Lasting 4 Hours
Included Power/Battery Adapter and Interchangeable Skids for Easy Traversing Through Pipelines
One Year Limited Mfg. Warranty


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