FB-PIC388ET-200-MF – Long Range 3388ET Sewer Camera with 200ft


The 3388ET model features a unique heavy-duty metal frame reel that allows the multifunctional control station to lie conveniently affixed on top. The platform features rotational movement with large rubber wheels for easy transport. The multifunctional control station features a full pushtype keyboard for notes and voiceover capabilities to ensure inspection captures the most valuble information. Equipt with 200 Ft of blue 8mm Fiberglass push cable and meter counter, built in sonde transmitter and 10″ screen.

18x29x30, 46lbs (cable)

16x13x8, 12 lbs (control)


- (40 mm) C40 Self-Leveling Detachable Waterproof Color Camera Head with Built-in LED Lights
- Clear 10” LCD Monitor with Dual USB & SD Card Recording
- Anti Glare Screen Visor
- Microphone for Voice Over Recording
- Detachable Spring Kits
- Built-In 512 Hz Sonde Transmitter (Pairs with 512Hz Locator)
- 200 Ft. of 8mm Fiberglass Cable & Reel with Meter Counter
- Heavy Duty Waterproof Case, Multifunctional with keyboard
- Rechargeable 6600mA Li-ion Battery Lasting 4 Hours
- Included Power/Battery Adapter and Interchangeable Skids for Easy Traversing Through Pipelines
- One Year Limited Mfg. Warranty


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